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How Sure Are You that You got a Real PR Invite ?

Sep 17, 2009 by     4 Comments    Posted under: Daily Stuff, How To

I just received a PR ( Public Relation ) invite yesterday which was send to my E-mail thru my contact page. I am a person who loves to dig first before I can give out my details being ask by any PR and here are my comments. I am trying to look for this info to find out the veracity of the PR Invite . So Here we are. .

1) I tried to find the name of the person who sent me an invite but sad to say that I did not found enough information about that person.
2) I tried opening Linkedin , facebook and other Social media site and I cannot found trace of the PR Personnel.
3) I check the domain of the email that was sent to me , and the domain have only a static page with graphic and no links at all.
4) I check site:domain name and I only find 1 page in Google. So could a PR company have only 1 page crawled by Google ?
5) I searched for the name in Google “name of PR” and found out that he/she is connected to other company. ( So they might be using only the name of the pr )
6) They address me as ” Hello Blogger ” ( I remember that my name is not hidden in the blogosphere )
7) They did not leave a contact numbers.

Sound suspicious, anyway I am just giving you some tips and how to avoid communicating with other person. You should have to try Google first and they might tell you something about that e-mail address that has been used.

And to all PR, it is really better to build your brand in the internet most specially if you are inviting bloggers. Or you might hire a known blogger to be your PR. Branding in the internet is very important in order to gain trust. I am not saying that if all 7 items falls on the same category of any PR they are wrong, NO! but they should improve.

I can’t believe that a big company would hire a PR which is not known. I knew that they have big budget in advertising, So why would they limit their budget with a PR agency.

Well this is just my observation that I think I should blog about.

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  • aw..pinoy pala and2.. magandang hapon po. marami din po ako natanggap na email na mga ganyan. cguro d best thing to do is to cr8 a new email add. sa tingin nyo po kuya?

    • @sirvan,

      Magandang hapon din po.. Yup pinoy site po ito.. Sa tingin even if we create a new email this will not stop them from doing this. I think the most important thing is to be vigilant and ask other about the the event that they are asking.

      Hirap na.. I know that if a legit PR ask any blogger , they will ask other blogger in the same niche di ba

  • @sir Dex,
    heheheh muntik ka ng maisahan nun ah, tsk,tsk, andami na talagang naglipanang manloloko ngaun… kaya kailangan talaga ng dobleng ingat…:)

    • @ariston | make mass money online,

      OO nga eh.. ang hirap minsan sa online you need to be very careful on giving out details

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