I-mate PDAL Technical Review

I just had an i-mate PDAL 2 mos ago and here is my review for it.


As a phone I may say that i-mate PDAL is not really good compared to Nokia Cellphone Since sometimes I am having a hard time to hear what others person is saying. It is sometimes hard to stop or hung up the phone.


I think as a PDA, i-mate PDAL is great in my 2 mos of usage it hungs only once, during my early usage of this phone. I have installed my bible thru e-sword site and it performs ok.

Office Tools

I have some problem with its excel since whenever I work with excel and tried to edit my previous work I have to rename and save us the document or else if you save it on the same documents it will tell you an error.

Alarm Clock

I may say that this is not design as an alarm clock since the sound is very low while alarming

Internet Usage

You can use it thru Internet but the problem you have to use the built in explorer or else you have to purchase Opera mini but in comparison with Nokia, Windows mobile phone is much more like a deskstop.

If you are subscribe in the Internet which is being paid per kb, this is not advisable but if you are using the net that is being payed per hour I think this is perfect.

The best thing here is you can also use thru Wi Fi connection.


This is a very good tool for reminding since the next reminder even if it is before 3 days you can see the list and keep on reminding you what to do.


Since there is no keypad for this mobile there are 4 option for you to choose

Block recognizer


Letter Recognizer



The battery is ok,It may stand till 3 days if you are not using heavily. But if you will use it on a heavy usage It will only last a day. The best thing here is the data is not being lost when the battery is drain not unlike other PDA where when the battery is out the data is out also.


If you will by this just to here music, I recommend no to buy, The sound system is not that sophisticated not like Nokia.


You can view your office email and gmail thru this phone using POP3. I will post later how you could do it.

In general I may say that this phone is perfect for business purpose but if you are looking for a phone for pleasure purpose, you will just waist your money buying i-mate PDAL I suggest by a NOKIA brand model.

This is the review that I could share to you. I am using the i-mate PDAL for about 2 mos and I am satisfied in General on Its perfromance. This is not a paid review.

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    Thanks for the review! I’m thinking of buying one and there aren’t many reviews of the Pdal out there, so it was very helpful.

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