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Xoom Partnered with METROPOLITAN Bank and Trust Co. (Metrobank)

Oct 13, 2007 by     No Comments    Posted under: Money Matters, Philippines

It has been discussed here & here that Xoom has partnered with one of the Giant Banks in the Philippines, METROPOLITAN Bank and Trust Co. (Metrobank).

METROPOLITAN Bank and Trust Co. (Metrobank) has partnered with Xoom Corp., global Internet money transfer company, to reach more overseas Filipinos and garner a bigger share of the remittance market.

The partnership will enable overseas Filipinos to remit money to their beneficiaries’ Metrobank accounts using the Internet.

This is a very good news for OFW like me whose earning thru Internet. It may solve my problem of having my transaction to xoom by my Paypal always rejected.

Remittances can be funded using a bank account, a credit or debit card, or PayPal

Xoom customers can deposit money to any Metrobank account and the money will be available to the recipient in just hours.

This is something to look out since as far as I know it takes days to get the money sent via xoom.

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