Metrobank Warning About Online Banking

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From time to time, Metrobank is issuing letter to their customers that I would like to share you for your information.

imageDear metrobankdirect User,

As your lifestyle and banking patterns evolve, we at Metrobank are continuously upgrading our services for your added security and convenience. Our metrobankdirect facility is here to keep you connected to your banking accounts anytime, anywhere. To keep your online banking experience safe, remember to observe the following safety measures when using our online banking services.

1.   Keep your password and other log-in details strictly private and confidential. Your password is the vital lock that protects your personal and financial information. To ensure the security of your online banking transactions, you may refer to the following precautionary measures:

Do’s Don’ts
â–º Make sure to use complex combinations of alpha and numeric characters to strengthen your password.â–º Memorize your password.

â–º Change your password periodically (ideally, every three months).

â–º In the event that you use a public computer, immediately change password and clear browsing history and cookies before you log-out.

â–º Do not use personal information (i.e. birthdates, contact numbers, addresses) as your password.â–º Never supply personal information on pop-up windows.

â–º Do not use public computers when doing online banking.

2.   Make sure that your personal computer is always protected. Ensure that you have installed an anti-virus and malware application with firewall protection and updated virus/malware definition. These applications will keep your computers safe from viruses/malware that can eat up your computer’s resources and steal your personal information.  It is important to update and run these applications as new viruses, malware and spyware are developed everyday. This will minimize the threat of someone gaining unauthorized access to your personal information.


  1. Think twice before you click a link or open an attachment. Be wary of links or attachments in e-mails regardless of who sent them. Scammers often send emails with attachments or links that may release viruses to your system or lead you to fake sites that will request for your personal or financial information.
  1. Keep us informed.  If you notice any unusual or unauthorized transactions made on your accounts, we strongly encourage that you immediately notify us. Kindly ensure that your contact details, along with your depository branch, are mentioned in your query call/email for the most helpful response.

Always remember that Metrobank will never ask for your personal information outside the following Internet channels:

Bookmark the abovementioned URLs or type the addresses directly into your browser to avoid accidentally entering your information on a phony website. When entering sensitive information on a webpage, look for the icon that looks like a yellow padlock at the lower right side of the status bar of your browser, or at the right side of the address bar. This is the symbol for the security certificate. An image of a closed padlock signifies that the website is encrypted and that your information is secure.

For any inquiries, please get in touch with our Metrobank Customer Care Desk through any of the following contact details:

24×7 Customer Hotline:  (632) 8700-700

24×7 Domestic Toll-free No.:  1-800-1888-5775

E-mail: [email protected]

Tel. No.:  (632) 898-8701; (632) 898-8702

Thank you.


I hope that you could be able to follow their suggestion which I believe necessary for us doing internet banking.

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