My Very Bad Experience with Citibank Philippines on Credit Card

I was forced to do this post because for the second time around Citibank Philippines delivered my Replacement Credit Card to a wrong address.

Well actually it is not really wrong but they send it thru my Philippine Address. I just don’t know how their system works? Here is my story.

At first I made a request to send my replacement card to Saudi Arabia then after two weeks i learned that they have made a mistake by sending it thru my Philippine Address. At first it is acceptable. Then I again called Citibank Philippines to say that they have send it in the wrong address, then the agent told me that it is their mistake and they will do their best to send it to me with in 1 week in my international address. ( They even reconfirm the exact address ). After 10 day I again follow up the card and they told me it was sent thru UPS. After that I again call them and gave me some excuses that it is not yet done etc.. Then just this morning I called them again and they told me that my card has been delivered already and when I checked where, It is again delivered to the wrong address again in Philippines.

How come that the other agent told me that it was send thru UPS for International delivery and then again delivered to Philippines. Our company here in Saudi Arabia has a big account in UPS so I don’t think that they cannot find our office.

It is really sad to have this kind of experience, Because first of all I have been spending some money in calling long distance just to give them instructions and yet they cannot follow a simple instruction. Is it the agent mistake or the delivery unit mistake ? Well I don’t know. If it is not for my PayPal issue I will not renew my card. I just forced to do so since that is the only possible way to get my money from here in Saudi Arabia.

So if you are thinking on asking Citibank Philippines in sending your replacement card overseas, Please think twice. Now I have to spend for DHL so that I am sure that my card will be delivered to me on time. But again that is another expenses 🙁

Dexter Panganiban

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        dennez de vera

        citibank is stupid bank,last 2008 i apply a credit card i used my card 2 months then after that i decided to change my new o re apply again kc gusto ko yung mataas na amount kya lang ang problem send nila sa HR dept.ibang tao ang nka received ng card ko kya i decided na close na yun i talked the customer service agent im expecting na ok na sya nka close, then suddenly last 3 days ago bigla na lng ako ngulat naka received ako ng galing sa citibank na bayaran ko dw gn2 kalaki utang..pero ibang account #.please help what i can i do..and2 po ako sa abroad..

  2. 7

    CITIBANK is the worst bank I ever had. They’re very unprofessional and their customer service keeps you waiting for more than an hour and transfers you to different departments who can assists you. They don’t know how to handle their customer’s account. Even if their mistake, you will still pay at the end. Citibank will send you billing statements and when you paid for that on time, you won’t see your payment on next statement. So, your next statement will reflect interest and late charges. This is Citibank in the Philippines. And look on this, if you didn’t pay for that, they will be sending you demand from their letter that YOU should pay for the amount you owe otherwise they will bring it to their lawyer and court…This is what they’re doing to their clients. In tagalog word, “TAKUTAN!” They make filipinos innocent and stupid!
    When I called them, they said that they continue sending billing statement to me and they have records who receive that bill. But I haven’t received any statements from them. I called their customer service and still they hung up me for more than one hour and I’m running out of load from my phone. And now they’re saying that I still owe them… What the hell??
    They’re really stupid!

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      Dexter Panganiban


      Sad to hear that from you. In fairness to Citibank. They are better in Overseas Filipino connected to the credit card. Many times I called them to check my latest billing and good to know that it only takes them about a second to respond to my query. This saves me money in waiting.

      So I hope that Citibank will do something like this in local.

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    Marissa Langseth

    Citibank is really goofy even in the USA.
    Mind you, I have bad experiences with them.
    They will apologize one million times, but will still do the same thing. Be careful with them, even if it is their mistake, you will be the one to pay in the end.
    I just bank with them for one reason – they are also in Cebu – otherwise, I could have ditched them a long time ago. They do not have common sense.

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