Yuwie : A New Social Network That Pays

YuwieThere is a new social network that gives an opportunity of earning while building a network of friends. The site is a called Yuwie.com . If you would like to make one just press here .

The best thing to consider is about the payment that could be made thru PayPal, in which it was just recently announced that Philippine based .

How to be Paid?

Payment is based on the Page Views that your page has been viewed. Ads clicking will not generate more income from the member, So there is no sense of clicking the ads just to earn mo re income.You can earn up to the 10th level of your referral. This is actually a revenue sharing Social network and nobody knows how much will you earn after a month. You may not see you present earnings since the earning will be given after a month . The site used advertisement by AdSense.

What is latest Statistics of Yuwie.com ?

The latest Stat as follows:

Total Members: 104,022

New This Month: 64,089

New Today: 332


Will this replace friendster as one of the leading social networking for Filipinos? It is now a good question to ask where You will build your community, Is it in a place where there is opportunity to earn or not? You can see more from their help Page. As of this writing there are more than 1,000 Filipinos joined the community. The site takes time to load , maybe because of the pictures of the members shown.


For me , If your main purpose is to earn, I cannot see a very big potential of earning at this site. Why don’t you make your own blog and put your own ads on it. But if you just want to use this site in Social networking and while doing so you don’t mind earning or not, I may say that this is better than friendster but when it becomes to reliability, I think friendster is tested and proven. I used to see my old friends and schoolmate in that place.

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