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I have a suggestion for those guys out there who wants to surprise their special someone on Valentines day. It would be perfect if you would give them the Aerogardens instead of flowers that dry out easily. The AeroGarden is a revolutionary indoor garden appliance, self-contained, automatic and 100% success guaranteed. It has 7 different styles.

  1. Aerogarden 3 – perfect for kitchen with small counter space.It’s great as a “living flower bouquet” on a dresser or desk, or if you’re cooking for just one or two people. It’s my favorite. 🙂
  2. Aerogarden 6 – It achieves up to 30% more plant growth with our new Advanced Growing System. The 6-Pod configuration grows abundant herbs, greens or vegetables, perfect for families or chefs.
  3. Space Saver 6 – the 6-Pod garden features their new Advanced Growing System with high-efficiency lighting and a quiet, low-maintenance aeroponic chamber.
  4. AeroGarden PRO100 – this automatically adjusts light and nutrient levels from germination to maturity so The result is 50% greater growth than the Aerogarden Classic.
  5. AeroGarden PRO200 – this grows full-size vegetables indoors all year-round. With twice the light and height of the AeroGarden Classic, the PRO200 has the size and power to grow big, fruit-bearing plants to maturity.
  6. AeroGarden Classic – this single-handedly launched the indoor gardening revolution. The Classic has a sleek, timeless design that looks great in any kitchen. Its no-dirt, no-mess Plug & Grow™ system makes gardening fun, easy, and foolproof. It even controls the built-in grow bulbs. It tells you when to add water and nutrients.
  7. AeroGarden Deluxe – this is for the power gardener. It has twice the light and twice the height of the AeroGarden Classic, so you can grow everything from cuttings to full-size vegetables indoors, all year-round. It comes with a Master Gardener Deluxe kit for transplanting cuttings, plus a trellis system to support big fruit-bearing plants.

This is a perfect gift for all the women out there. I am sure they will love this.


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Michelle is a Mom Blogger that also blogs at her Personal Blog " Myjournal ", She is a Civil Engineer by Profession. She loves blogging about Technology and Christian faith.

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