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How Vancouver 2010 Olympics Games Can Make You Money

Feb 16, 2010 by     9 Comments    Posted under: Problogging - Make Money Online

Did you know that there is an ongoing Vancouver 2010 Olympics, and did you know this current event can give you good amount of money if you hit the right place in Google SERP using the right keywords. This is a current events where participants came from different country which is usually being targeted by advertisers. And of course if there are lots of advertisers CPC ( Cost per click ) is high  if you use Google Adsense. or any other CPC ads.

You just have to bit the present site which occupies the SERP. which I think is hard in some cases where the the keywords being used is hard to bit. It is usually keywords with words such as Watch, Live online stream, online viewing and others, but just a tip you can always go to other keywords such as  tickets, location map, results, scores etc.

To all countries participating the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, good luck to all of you. and to all keywords optimizer good luck and hope to see you at the top of the SERP. The sad thing for me is I am really very busy that is why you did not see some updates in this blogs for the last 1 week. This post might be in the SERP but nobody knows 🙂

So below is shown the Medal tally of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics.

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  • Sa post ko about mascots at medal standings ako may traffic nito. 🙂

    • @ark,

      It is good to know that lots of Pinoy is doing great for this keyword 🙂 Keep it up ark

  • blog hopping.. great information here.. great blog!

  • well … huli nanaman ako…

  • Masubukan nga ito!

  • he he he dami na nating nagkakapera dahil sa mga event na ganito

    • @Pastilan,

      oo nga sana buwan buwan may mga ganitong event

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