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Friendster Alternatives

Jan 14, 2009 by     No Comments    Posted under: Random Post

Since friendster is categorize as a social networking site , There are lots of site that could be called as friendster alternatives , some of this site is

  1. facebook, where in you can also do all the function that you can do in friendster, uploading pictures and with an additional bonus of chatting to your online friends
  2. friendfeed so that you coulds see what is your friend is up to .and you can see the latest information that they are discussing.
  3. Twitter – You can also use this as a friendster alternative to communicate in the world. It is alaso categorize as Microblogging.
  4. Plurk – It is almost like Twitter but here you can also view the updates of your friends
  5. You can also use multiply
  6. And why not do the blogging

So there are many alternatives for those people who use friendster , I will also make post about friendster profile layouts in the future so watch out for it.

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