Xbox One vs Xbox 360: Which Console is most Supreme?

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The console of the future is said to be Xbox One, Microsoft’s latest gaming console. It was released in many countries November last year and now, we compare it from its predecessor, the Xbox 360. The latter was introduced in the market years ago and Microsoft has already provided numerous updates and upgrades to its software system. With these improvements, is it really worth shifting to Xbox One?


Users claim that One does not differ much from 360 but Microsoft says otherwise. For a start, the build of Xbox One is bigger than Xbox 360. The former is 33.3cm wide, 27.4cm deep and 7.9cm tall. On the other hand, the latest Xbox 360 called the Xbox 360S is 27cm wide, 26cm deep and 7.5cm tall. Microsoft explains that One is a little bigger so as to address 360’s previous overheating issues – the bigger the console, the bigger the space thus a less likely chance of overheating. Both are supposed to be accompanied by a 25cm-long Kinect, though it is optional when purchasing Xbox 360.

The two consoles also differ in their graphics and processors. Xbox 360 is powered by a 3.2GHz PowerPC tri-core Xenon processor while Xbox One runs through an octa-core chip based on a x86 architecture. The graphics of 360 is run by a 500MHz ATI Xenos graphic processing unit (GPU) with 512MB of 700MHz graphics double data rate 3 (GDDR3) memory. In contrast, One’s graphics details are better as the software was made by the Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) company with Direct X11.1 support. There are videos online that unsure buyers can watch before they purchase a game console. These videos show 360 and One side by side playing the same game so as to compare if One is really better than 360.

Storage is also better with Xbox One. If in Xbox 360 the internal storage is 4GB with an accompanying 250GB to 320GB of external hard drive, Xbox One’s internal drive has 500GB or half a terabyte memory space. Imagine all the games a player can download with that!

As for the games library, Xbox 360 is a little ahead than Xbox One. More games are compatible with 360 because it was released earlier. However, Microsoft is currently upgrading games both classic and new so they will match One’s system. The company is also considering matching Xbox 360 games to Xbox One.

Final Words

In the coming months, more downloadable games will be available for Xbox One. When this time comes, it will surely be ahead of the game console pact with its numerous advantages over Xbox 360.



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