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Do Blog Post Has Separate Google Crawl ?

Nov 12, 2008 by     4 Comments    Posted under: SEO Tips

I am seeing different type of Search Results nowadays. Upon checking the SERP results for my latest post Fujitsu LifeBook U820 A New 5.6” Netbook and searching for keywords such as “ Fujitsu LifeBook U820 Netbook “ I saw that my blog post did not show in the top 1 results but rather in the bottom of Google SERP page # 1 as shown below. So do Google is starting to segregate Blog crawling?  Although top page results are from engadget and gizmodo and other top news tech site & Big blogs, but we all know the tons of links those site are getting.

Fujitsu LifeBook U820 Netbook

So is this the beginning of Blog and News Site segregation in the SERP ? This is just a question although most of my keywords still ranks in the SERP. and I must say the some is also gone with the wind.

I know that this site is still in Partial Google Penalty. There are still some keywords not showing in the SERP. When I am always on top of the page for that particular keywords I manage to do link exchange in the post as what Marhgil suggested on one of this post { Well I tried to get the post but I can’t find it 🙂 } . And that is the beauty of it, after I have been penalized for those keywords, The referral links are still giving me tons of visitors. I just make sure that those visit will make to click some post in my for least 5 of my pages and of course they might be converted to regular visitors. That is why I can brag that this site is having a low bounce rate ranging from 50% to 65%.

So this is just an observation that I have seen in the SERP that I would like to share you guys.

So what is our observation in the SERP now adays ?

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  • I noticed that too, specially during the US elections. News sites were the ones on the SERPS while Google just provided a link for “Search Blogs”.

    This will definitely make SEO people rethink their strategies when optimizing for current events.

    Fitzs last blog post..On Good Debt, Bad Debt and Ugly Debt

    • I just hope that blogs and News Site will be given same priority

  • based on experience meron nga, kaso minsan nasa top ng page result ung blog result minsan nasa baba.

    • Tama ka rdyan.. it will be better for us if it is on top.. Sana wag lagi sa bottom

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