Wow an Apple Online Store in Philippines

Although time of recession in some part of the world and everybody is complaining about the present economic situation in the county , Apple has managed to launch the Online Apple store in Philippines . A purchase of Php 3,000 Pesos or more will give a free shipping deal.

Welcome to the Apple Store - Apple Store (Philippines)

I still don’t know if Filipino’s are ready for online purchasing.  I have made post before and ask my readers if Online Banking is safe in Philippines and I receive some good feedback on that time. Now I would also like to know thought from the Filipino Consumers, Do we now trust online banking? Because online banking is also synonymous with Online store since you also have to provide you credit card details in purchasing. And I believe that the success of paypal in Philippines is also one of an indication that one could really transact online.

Let us compare price in US Online Store and Philippines Apple Online Store , A Macbook Pro cost US$ 1,999 in US and in Philippines online store it is Php 109,990 which is almost 15% more compared in US price.I believe it is fare price since it is due to the tax and delivery of the unit from US to Philippines.

So I just hope that Apple Online store will not be the only one to do the online store and I think by Next year more and more company will do the same. I suggest that those company open it’s affiliate marketing system so that we bloggers can earn from the referrals 🙂

What do you thinks is it a good idea ?

Dexter Panganiban

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