Link Value Factors

Link Value Factors

I just like to share you guys what are experts have to say about the Link Values. This opinion are based from 17 SEO Professionals and Link Builders in the Industry. I suggest you to read articles and their suggestion. It might help you a lot when you try to optimized.

Here are the summation of their findings :

Top 10 Most important factors

1. Robots.txt excluded page (DF) – 4.75

2. Anchor text – 4.56

3. Link is on penalized page (DF) – 4.50

4. Page authority (in inbound links) – 4.38

5. Domain authority (in quality of backlinks) – 4.38

6. Amount of outbound links on page – 4.25

7. Total amount of links on page – 4.06

8. Age of domain – 4.06

9. Relevant authority (in rankings on relevant keywords) – 3.94

10. Javascript link (DF) – 3.88

Top 5 Most agreed factors

1. Alexa ranking

2. Robots.txt excluded page (DF)

3. Domain authority (in quality of backlinks)

4. Page relevance (words only)

5. Number of links

Top 5 Most controversial factors

1. TLD (.com, .edu, etc.) -based on TLD alone

2. Type of link (image, text)

3. Domain authority (in PageRank)

4. Domain authority (in rankings on irrelevant keywords)

5. Target page (where the link points to) location

Note : Banner where captured from their site, here is the site [ Link Value Factors ]

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