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Google Webmasters Tool Stop Checking My Sitemaps

Oct 27, 2008 by     34 Comments    Posted under: Site Updates

I am just wondering why Google stops checking my Sitemaps, I mean all sitemaps that was enrolled in Google Webmaster Tools under my Account. The last Google Check in my sitemap was October 21 and the sudden Google Bomb was felt during October 23. Upon checking the Google Webmaster’s Tools, I have seen that Google stops downloading all my Sitemaps , Yup you heard it right all my sitemaps including my other site which is being monitored under my account. Now my question is ? Does including all my site under one Google Webmaster’s Account endangers my other site if one of those site is penalized ? If this is the case I should make a dummy account in all my site, but what about if you have 100 sites. It will be a head ache.

I try Googling this kind of problem but I was not that successful regarding this problem so I am writing about this to know some of your thoughts regarding this matter.

By the way I have send letter to Google today after removing all paid links in this site. Yup I will not do any Paid post links in this site from now on. And If there will be some Advertiser in the future that would like to Advertise on this site a no-follow link will be added. I hope this is clear. I want to retain the site traffic.

I am posting about this as a reference in the future, if in case Google will reconsider sending me visitors again.

Well on the other hand I was also amazed wit yahoo since visitors that it send me now double. For what ever reason well I don’t know.

See my Google Visitors last month

Google Visitors

See my Yahoo Visitors last month

yahoo visitors daily

See my Visitors from referral last month

referring site

See my visitors from Direct Traffic

Direct Traffic

Among the shown stats only the visitors coming from Google is really affecting the site’s traffic. I intentionally not put the numbers , I just want to show you the graph about this site.

Well nobody knows when will Google put back my traffic, all I know is I just complied with all their requirements. It is now up to them to do their part. If I succeed with the latest experiment that I am doing. I will surely share it to you, so that it will be a reminder to all of my readers so not to experience the same faith as I am.

Updates :

My sitemap now has been crawled again and the stats shos that it was crawled 15 hrs ago. That only means it was crawled automatically after I send a reinclusion request.. Is it ? Wait for further development :).. A nice start

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  • Hirap talaga kalaban big ‘G’. Meron nga akong naregister na domain dati kaso mukhang ban ata yung domain, kahit isearch ko yung domain walang cache. Nagrequest ako ng reinclusion hanggang nakalimutan ko na yung request ko. Pagkatapos kong irenew yung domain, saka ako nakakita ng traffic mula sa ‘G’. hehehe…

    Sabi nga nila, kakampi mo Google, hindi ka kompetensya…kaya…sunod lang.:D

    KantonFCs last blog post..Quality Directory Inclusion

    • OO nga, I just don’t know why I have to learn the hard way, But you know kapag andyan na yugn offer ng paid post na medyo malaki mag 2 isip ka talaga he heh e

  • Paid post links do more harm. Like you I’d like to stay away from posts that are “dofollow”-ed.

    I’m glad you got everything back to normal.

    Gems last blog post..Do the Plurk Talk!

    • Well yup.. paid post really do harm.. Yup sitemap is ok but traffic is not yet 🙁

      • Pero di maiwasan din, because the pay is good. I did a lot of harm in my mixed-up tech blog so I got the spank.

        Gems last blog post..Do the Plurk Talk!

      • OO nga yung pinakamalaki kong nagawa ay $300 kaya talagang tempting 🙂

      • That’s huge. In PPP, I was qualified for only $100 because my RealRank was good. Sadly, someone always beat me up to it.

      • sa $pon$oredreview dot com ko nakuha yun.. kaya ang lakas talaga ng temptation 🙂

  • di ko maintindihan ang google… minsan nasa top serps, minsan mawawala ka. huhu. muzta???

    • Ok naman sa ngayon buti na lang nagbibigay ng 500 UV ang yahoo kung hindi siguro cents na lang kita ko sa adsense ha ha ha 🙂

  • thank you po! goodLuck po sa’yo jan.. congrats sa achievement sa ratified!

    jheLos last blog post..Today, is my JuanDerPul Birthday!

    • Salamat. Buti nga nakahabol ako doon sa ratified.. nadagdagan ang mga subscriber ko 🙂

      Dexter | Tech At Hand Dot Nets last blog post..Covering Literary Contest of My Son

      • you deserve it naman ehh! keep it up po..
        how about tips to increase traffic?! hehehe pashare naman..

        jheLos last blog post..Today, is my JuanDerPul Birthday!

      • O sige at gagawa ako kapag medyo nakaluwag medyo .. dami work ngayon eh 🙂 Stay tuned.. I will also mention you he he he

      • maganda yan dex.. tapos share ka naman ng keywords mo maski 5 lang..hehhehe..:)

      • Why not di ba.. I sahre ko na rin kung paano nakakahanap ng keywords 🙂

  • hi dc! visiting back here..
    it’s my birthday! =)

    jheLos last blog post..Today, is my JuanDerPul Birthday!

    • UUyy Jhelo Happy Birthday and wish you more birthday to come..

  • Naku dex pareho tayo ng prob.. this morning i was thrilled to see my post was indexed in 7 minutes or baka earlier pa if i was late in checking, then this evening, the horror happened. I can’t find my blog “A Lady’s Confessions” in the serp for many keywords.. even my entry to captivating capiz contest which was supposed to be at rank 6 nawala. as in removed in the top 100 or top 1000. I check my webmaster tools account and saw sitemap errors. Google doesn’t accept the atom.xm sitemap i was using.

    Am not sure if this is the reason why I lost my SERP. I already remedied the matter by adding the proper sitemap.

    I did a template change din pala prior to the SERP drop. Baka it contributed din..

    Kainis talaga dex. I was getting 2k visits up pa naman sana everyday..

    i think my last post that was indexed by Google was Fallout 3 kasi eto yung lumalabas ngayon sa comment ko..

    Oi dex, can you tell me what you did to restore your SERP..thanks a lot ..

    • As of today I have seen some keywords slowly coming back.. But not those keywords which are really giving big bucks. Well actually what I did is to send to reinclusion request to google and remove those paid post.

      I am now starting to do some link building which I hope will help.. Hirap talaga if google gives penalty. Yung mga yahoo visitors matatalino din nagcliclick ng ads 🙂

      Nadoble kasi yung mga yahoo visitors ko di ko nga alam kung bakit

      Dexter | Tech At Hand Dot Nets last blog post..Google Webmasters Tool Stop Checking My Sitemaps

      • I’m thinking of filing a reinclusion request but i’ll wait for 1 day or 2 muna before I do that. Hopefully i won’t have to file a reinclusion request..thanks dex..

      • Yeah Well If I were You will wait for 1 week since the traffic goes down.. Just to make sure that the penalty is there.. By the way did you try to search for site:Sitename in google if your site is still visible in serp

      • yes it’s still visible dex. i still see around 951 results.. i also want to restore my blog’s old template, because the SERP drop happened after I changed the template..

        sayang talaga, i was reaching 4k to 6k a day na sana..

      • I hope so dex.. but the problem is yung ibang keywords nawala talaga ako.. but the irony nga naman, nasa google trend blog ko, lumalabas talaga. Gawa ako post now, 20 minutes after nasa google trends na cya, pero wala sa google results.. hay parang gumuho world ko..hehhehe.. sayang malaki na sana kita ko sa adsense..

      • Oo nga , mahirap talaga kapag bumagsak ang Big G Bomb sa mga blog natin.. Malaking difference sa income.. anyway siguro babalik din yan 🙂

      • if babalik yung traffic ko, i’ll be very happy,baka nga eh mghost pa ako ng contest..hehehhe.. joke!

      • Ako nga rin nagiisip na eh he he he 🙂 pero isip pa lang yun.. siguro kapag bumalik na yun traffic ko.. BTW just for info your comment is keep on catching by Akismet

      • So that means di sya talaga ban manually tulad ng site ko.. Automated raw kasi yang ibang ban ng Google kaya hintay hintay lang.. Yung sa akin kasi last month pa nag umpisa pakonti knoti hanggang sa totally bumagsak nga yung traffic.. Pero kung ngayo mo lang naranas yan.. wait lang muna

  • may problem din me sa sitemap ng google kakaunti parang ang nireread nya eh yung dati kong sinumbit na sitemap eh tagal ko ng inupdate sitemap ko. .kasi patuloy lumlabas mga error, not found etc.. eh ok na naman nafix ko na. .

    Daniel Dumas :: Mr Night Mans last blog post..Fix wordpress fatal error allowed memory size exhausted

    • Ok na yung sitemap, talagang mabagal silang mag update doon sa erro siguro sa dami ng blogs na may error 🙂

  • The drop in Google visitors is really scary. Wah! Anyway, have you tried removing your sitemap from Google webmasters and then adding it again? I don’t know if that will work but I think it’s worth a try.

    Fitzs last blog post..My Digital Filipino Club Fellowship and Networking Event Experience

    • Yup really scary.. In addition it affect the income. I don’t know but the highest percentage of click happy visitors are coming from Google

  • things have been scary all along, especially for the fact that no one was ever been to say what algorithm is being run by Google 🙂 good luck on your quest for answer bro.

    dimakss last blog post..The Tsukuba Gakuensai 2008

    • Yup.. And Google Algorithm is constantly changing, and yup sad to say that nobody knows about the alghorithm

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