Apple iPad The Hottest Tablet Computer May Soon Have Some Stiff Competition

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The Apple iPad 2 hit the market in 2010 and completely blew all the other tablet computers on the market away.  It became an instant success and a must have toy for every gadget geek on the market. This android run tablet does it all when it comes to audio-visual media.

Those who own the iPad can read their favorite books or periodicals, watch movies, listen to music, play games or browse the web from one little device whose size and weight falls somewhere between a smartphone and a laptop.  Ever since the introduction of the iPad 2, other tablet companies have been trying to develop a comparable tablet and all have failed.  In fact, iPad is considered so superior that experts in the world of this technology have predicted that the iPad would reign unchallenged until possibly the year 2014.

However, there is one company that may be about to change all that.  Amazon is about to announce the release of their own android run tablet computer called the Kindle Fire.  This tablet will run on Google android software and Amazon has already added Android apps to their online apps store to be used with other tablets and now experts think that this may give them an edge since Amazon already has a huge following for their books and music and other audio-visual media.  People are predicting that if the new Kindle Fire is a fully operational tablet it could give Apple iPad it’s first real competition.

However, there is no accounting for loyalty and despite the fact that rumors place the Kindle Fire  below that of the Apple iPad there will still be those who will stick to their iPad come what may.  Besides, there are already rumors afloat that Apple is already working on their next generation of iPad and with Apple’s reputation there is sure to be more to love about the next iPad.

Whatever, happens it will be interesting to see when the new Kindle Fire actually hits the market.  A real head to head competition between Apple and  Amazon might just be what is needed to take tablet computers to a whole new level.  Regardless what happens Apple iPad are sure to rise to the challenge and in the end  if Amazon does provide the iPad with real competition the end result could be more affordable iPad for all Apple fans.

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