The New Facebook User Profile Called Timeline To Launch On September 30, Are You Ready?

The New Facebook User Profile Called Timeline To Launch on September 30, Are You Ready?

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The new Facebook profile called “Timeline“, which is in beta now, is scheduled to become live on users’ Facebook pages on September 30, 2011. As introduced by CEO Mark Zuckerberg last Thursday at F8 developers conference.

The new format can be used to construct a visual history of your life, limited only by the updates, photos, information and more that make up a Facebook user’s profile. This change also let you know what your friends are doing, what they are listening to, and in some cases even what websites they visit.

But expert software developers warned, users who don’t adjust their privacy settings to limit who can view their Timeline will be at great risk of identity theft.

Meanwhile, this buzz has created mixed reactions from Facebook users, including social media experts.

According to Mekahlo Medina, NBC LA. Timeline is the greatest thing Facebook has done to date. It’s the plain, simple truth. With “Timeline,” Facebook has put your existence, your entire life if you want it online. It makes every day people digitally immortal and it’s terrifyingly amazing.

Sherna Alexander Benjamin stressed that you don’t have to leave the page to find you’re looking for as information can easily access now with a click of the button. The profile systematic look is further enhanced which make it very exciting, Benjamin added. Many people may find the change unusual but as soon as they become comfortable with this new change they will forget that they have complained about this new change, why because they have become comfortable with it.”

Facebook vs Google+

Facebook recognizes the predictable competition with Google+ steady growth since it was launched early July. Only this week, Google+ ranks as the eighth largest social network on the Internet, according to Web analytics firm Hitwise.

Google+ should not be underestimated. It has approximately 43 million members. Facebook has a seven-year head start in the social media space and has grown to 800 million members, according to CBS.COM

So what changes do you have for social media? Share your best ideas in the comments

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  1. 3

    @Dexter, actually mukhang affected sya and meron na ring mga nasa top sa topblogs like yung ESET ba yun nawala na rin db.. you can check yung ke abe sa quantcast and google adplanner bumagsak ang demogaphics nia e then yung topblogs bumaba na sya.

      • 5

        @Dexter Panganiban, one of my sites was deeply hurt as well kaya balak ko patayin din yung domain ko kse pandalized tlaga. The sad part is nalaman ko na marami pala nag scrape ng site ko ang naging dupe sya sa Google. nde ko na mabawi even after reporting to Google sabi nila it will take “weeks” for them to review. Anyways, me mga investigate pa ako and one of which is having your site on topblogs. Not yet certain pero ito ang two cents ko: OK topblogs is OK kse nga it quantifies your inbound traffic, but the problem is part ng first paragraph ng content mo nakapost sa kanila which makes it dupe din ng content mo. unlike kung analytics lang tlaga yung nilalagay nia like quantcast, alexa and others. Again, I am not yet certain pero kse I am one of the top din sa topblogs na bigla din napandalized.

      • 6


        About Topblogs.. sa tingin ko delikado ang topblogs at di yung mga blog na nakakabit sa kanya kasi sya ang nangongopya May problema yata ang blog ni Abe.. Error sya ngayon..

        Pero kailangan maunang makita ni Google yung content nung blog na pinanggalingan..

        Samga scarper.. talagang marami yan.. di ko na lang pinapansin.. Ang blog na ito maraming beses ng tinamaan ni Google.. Pero syempre kapag tinamaan bangon ulit.. Huwag idelete sayang.

  2. 9
    tonyboy - aboutofws

    Timeline is only one of the hot news on FB. there were also rumors about a plan to charge profile pages of members, but FB quickly clarify the issue as not real.

    • 10

      @tonyboy – aboutofws,

      With the amount that facebook is earning through different advertisers.. I don’t think they will come to an idea of letting the user pays for their service..

  3. 11

    we don’t know if it’s a good news or bad news, but as long as we have the option to control our privacy settings(opt button), then why not?

    and as the saying says “changes is inevitable.” 😛

    • 12


      Correct… Yun nga lang user should be aware on how to control their privacy. It should be design in a way that user will not have to go to deepest link in order to change their settings.

    • 14


      #1 sa topblogs? na pacheck agad ako :), nawala kasi yung kay Yugatech. Tinanggal na yata nya kaya yun pumalo sa number 1 ..

      About sa changes as mentioned doon sa post sa 30th pa yata yung effectivity..

      May mga nauna lang na gumawa ng changes at gumamit ng developers application.

      • 15

        @Dexter, about sa topblogs… me minomonitor ako ngaun… mga penalized ng panda yung mga naapektuhan… i’m not yet certain pero me napansin na ako update ko kayo pag certain na ako.

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