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iPhone 3G in Philippines Via Globe

Aug 6, 2008 by     14 Comments    Posted under: Apple, Gadget, Tech Stuff

iPhone 3G Philippines Globe I just saw this one from Globe Site They are now announcing that they will launch the iPhone 3G on August 22,2008. But wait how much would they sell this talk of the town unit in Philippines ?

Here is the answer form Globe >>> Iphone Globe Plans

PREPAID – Get the iPhone 3G Prepaid Kit and enjoy 50 hours of FREE Internet!*


8 GB – P41,889

16 GB – P48,899

*Every iPhone Prepaid Kit is provided with P200 worth of  free  load  every month for 5 months. Using Globe’s Time browsing rate at  P5 for 15 minutes gives you as much as to free internet hours per month or as much as 50 free internet hours over 5 months! Activation of the browsing rate is required. Text TIME to 1111 for free.

I still believe that the iPhone 3G prepaid price is very expensive.

Below is screen capture of the price for Plan Holders

iPhone 3G in Philippines Via Globe

– 2-year lock-up applies.
– Rates are inclusive of VAT and Currency Exchange Rate Adjustment (CERA).
– Free text allocation applies to local text messages (Globe to Globe and Globe to other networks).
– Free call minutes applies allocation applies to local calls (Globe to Globe, Globe to other networks, Globe to landline and NDD calls).

I believe only the elite could afford to buy this unit. But I know competition is great in Philippines, I wonder how much will it cost in Green Hills ?

source : Iphone 3g by Globe

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  • i was wondering,is it that also makin phone calls?

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  • hays… too many filipinos today are social climbers… dude i cant afford an iphone 3g why dont u just buy a nokia 3310? are u a fckin social climber? duhhh… wag na magreklamo para kau nmga tanga eh

    • Nope I am not a social Climber.. But I believe iPhone 3g has the applications I need,, and that’s all.. Here in Saudi Arabia almost all people have great mobile so one should not buy great camera just to be a social climber 🙂

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  • I suggest getting the iPhone, it was the best purchase I have ever made. It is so awesome.

  • If you buy a prepaid iphone in the US, my friend from the US told me it costs around $899 compared to $1000 for the PH.

    Basically means:

    Plans US = ~$200
    Plans PH = ~$380

    Prepaid US = ~$899
    Prepaid PH = ~$1000

    But the recurring plan fees are cheaper in the Philippines.

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  • affordable parin naman pala Php16,800 for the lowest plan

  • Finally its out!!

    supernoobices last blog post..Freelance Web Designer Tips – Work Ethics

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