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Laptop Hunters $1500 – Giampaolo gets an HP HDX

Apr 5, 2009 by     3 Comments    Posted under: Apple, Gadget

We saw about a week the lauren’s HP avertisement which focus on HP price compared to Mac Price, and now see the Follow Up ad made by HP comparing Mac Specification vs HP specification. In this Advertisement they uses Giampaolo Los Angeles-area aspiring actor having his $1500 as his budget.

What he wants in a new laptop is portability, power, and good battery life. And just as with the earlier ad in this campaign, starring redhead Lauren.

But for me I still want MAC despite the high price. I don’t know maybe I am a kind of brand conscious tech savvy 🙂 . One day I will own Macbook Pro. But when is that day I do not know. So what do you prefer a MAC or an HP ?

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