Blogging Accomplishment in Year 2008

Blogging Accomplishment in Year 2008 Last January 1,2008 , I have set my blogging goals for the whole year. { My Blogging Goal for Year 2008, What is Yours ? } And now I would like to check and gauge myself on how I become a blogger for year 2008. Did I become an active blogger or a lazy blogger ? Hmm.. So this is my report for you guys. I have responded each and every point in my goals.

I will make more blogging friends that will share same interest with me.

I also made lots of blogging friends this year. Perhaps this is because I am fortunate to attend an offline blogging event last year { Iblog 4 } and Trinoma Food Tour during my Vacation

I will teach my wife how to blog

Yeah I accomplish this one.. Actually my wife is now blogging at

I will try to post at least 2 post a day ( Morning and Afternoon )

I fail to do this one.. Perhaps itÒ€ℒs a busy year .. Remember I am just blogging part time.

I will try to enjoy blogging more.

For sure I enjoyed blogging more .. Accomplished

A new niche blog this year

Yup I accomplished this one by having my new personal blog { Dexter Panganiban } and my New { } which targets students , and most of my post is written in Tagalog. It is also this year that I made a folder in this site targeting the PRC Board Exam Results

More Projects

I have already mention some of my projects in item # 5.

I will be a source of information both in Blogging and Technology

I believe it is done, If there any disagreement let me know :). You can also check my recognitions received this year to support my claim πŸ™‚

I will try to help new bloggers succeed

I also believe this is done and will continue until there are bloggers in need

I will optimized this site more

Partly it is done, I have now some keywords which ranks well and there where also some keywords which is now not being seen in the SERP. I may say that Big G is becoming to choosy for my chose keywords. And I think it is now great to be included in the first page of

I will research more and share informations with my reader.

I think I am also successful with this one.. Did You know that it increases my subscribed blogs πŸ™‚

What about you, Did you accomplish your goal this year 2009 ? You might be a blogger or not. But I still believe that you have set a goal last year. I hope you made it πŸ™‚ I will just post my New Blogging Goals for the year 2009 Later.

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Dexter Panganiban

Dexter is a person who loves technology,new gadget, SEO, Social Media and Christianity. Follow him at twitter via @techathand and add him @ Google+ and contact us at [email protected]

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  1. 3
    Call Center Gal

    I never had any fixed objective in blogging for this year, I started with my first serious blogging project Call Center Gal in March and started to work my way from there.

    As I end this year, I have 7 blogs in the pipeline and so I wanted to have my own list of Blogging To Dos for the year 2009. πŸ™‚

    You did a great job Dexter! More blogging success for you this 2009!

    Call Center Gals last blog post..Responsible Web Surfing at Work

    • 4
      Dexter Panganiban

      @Call Center Gal,
      Yup this year you should have goal objectives, because thru those objectives you will be able to gauge yourself if you became a better blogger or not.

      Oh BTW , it would be better to use your name then your site in commenting in blogs. an example

      Dexter |

      Thru this you will be able to be recognized in the blogsophere.. Well just my thoughts πŸ™‚

  2. 5

    Good to know that you’ve accomplished almost all of your goals for this year. Hopefully you’ll do the same or better next year.

    More power to you and your blog! God bless! πŸ™‚

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