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Mig33 a Chat Program Installed in Nokia E71

Oct 8, 2008 by     12 Comments    Posted under: Freeware, Mobile

Just want to inform you that I had successfully installed Mig33 in my Nokia E71. It works fine for chatting in Yahoo. I used mig33 before using my Nokia 3230 and I can say that they have made lots of improvement from before. It is good that I have remembered my username and password. Mig33 works with Yahoo Messenger, AOL & GTalk , well I have tested Yahoo Messenger this afternoon and I must say that everything works fine.

Nokia E71 - Chat ApplicationI have seen new functions today that I have not tested before. It is sending pictures . Pictures may come from those shots that you have taken or from the archives in your mobile phone. It will then be received by your chatmate as a link to the mig33 database.

So if you are looking for a Chat Platform for Your 3rd Generation Symbian Phone, I believe this one is for you. I have tried installing Slick but It did not work.

You may opt to connect via WiFi or Via the mobile service provider, well it is up to you to choose.

I have tested the travel of data to my laptop via chatting and I can see a 2 seconds travel time from my mobile phone to Laptop.

Blogging this program is my way of thanking them on how they help me make my life easy in chatting via mobile phone.

It is also great that this is a free application I can say that this can also be categorized as free games for nokia e71 since I am enjoying whil using it 🙂 , So do you have any free games installed at your nokia e series or symbian pone, you migt want to share your source

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  • hey try connect using (internet) connection, if you are trying to login using GPRS instead of (wap) connection

  • thanx so much dear

    i fix it by myself
    i format my phone
    then i put out the memory
    then it installing ^^

    gd time

  • hi ..thank u ^^

    bt still problem nt solve

    do u know wy wn i try to instiling program type jar nt work

    nt instiling complete ..i mean download nt complete ..

    • @nona,
      Sorry to hear that , If you stil have some problem I recommend to go to some shop that can install this one for you

  • give me the wepsite or anything can help me

    and i hv qus…really mig work in e71 ??

  • hi ..my dear
    thank u 4 ur reply

    i did wt u said yestrday ..bt u knw wt ..jar cant identify the phone ..may u help me
    coz i like 2 used it realy it s nt expensive ^^

  • i want f u dont mind the download of mig33 for my e71 phone ^^

    i wl be thanfl

    • @nona,
      You can connect your e71 to the internet and use the seach feature of your phone to find the mig33 download site. And you can directly download it in your nokia e71

  • help please,,
    i can not login to mig33 from my nokia e71, the connection is not a problem coz i can use wap normaly, it just the mig33 cannot login, can u help me, what is wrong with my e71 ?,, but i still can login from my older phone nokia n73,,
    thanks b 4,,

    • Have you tried to uninstall and install it again. there might be some problem during installation..

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