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Acer S5 Revealed with Ivy Bridge and Thunderbolt by Intel

Jan 9, 2012 by     2 Comments    Posted under: Gadget

Acer S5 Revealed with Ivy Bridge and Thunderbolt by Intel

Ahead of CES 2012 event announcement, Acer just unveiled today the Acer S5 Ultrabook which is expected to release in May and June of this year according to the report.

It’s all new for the Acer S5 ultrabook laptop. First, Acer claims S5 as the world’s thinnest ultrabook and second, it introduces Ivy Bridge core processor including thunderbolt interface/ports.

Thunderbolt and Ivy Bridge were both developed by Intel as their latest offering for the future releases of laptops and tablets. Thunderbolt as an interface is designed to remove the clutter by way of linking peripheral devices and together with Ivy Bridge helps improved graphic performance while increasing the battery life of a laptop.

These new features support the statement as mentioned by Acer representative," The S5 laptop delivered about eight hours of "uncompromised" battery life and a high-level of component integration has helped reduce the laptop size while retaining battery life".

Acer S5 as the thinnest doesn’t mean fragile, S5 has a glossy chasis that is made of magnesium alloy for durability, with 15 millimeters thick and weighs almost three pounds. It also features ports such as HDMI and USB 3.0.

Acer S5 laptop is expected to show at CES maybe including some of its features and price.

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