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Ballpen Wi-Fi Detector

Apr 27, 2009 by     2 Comments    Posted under: Gadget

Ballpen Wi-Fi Detector

Ballpen Wi-Fi Detector

Do you want to surf the net anywhere you go? Do you want to be informed of the availability of the internet connection without asking anybody? This is definitely recommended to you. A small device that can help you to know if there is availability of internet connection, A ballpen Wi-Fi Detector.

The “Ball Pen With Wi-Fi Detector” is a device that you can bring anytime, anywhere.

This tiny ball pen will help you find a good signal and choose the best place to get access to the internet. Armed with this pen, you will Always find the best Wi-Fi networks. It integrates an 802.11B and G Wi-Fi detector and strength meter in the form of 4 LEDs. Just push the button and the pen will automatically search for a nearby Wi-Fi hotspot. The pen really is mightier than the sword. I’ve never seen a sword do that.

Source: slipperybrick

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  • Wow, I must be dreaming. This is product no one should miss! A ballpen wi-fi detector? Haha lol. Nice.

    deuxs last blog post..13 Twitter tools to make your Twitter “beau-tweet-ful”.

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