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Intriguing News: Google Tablet will Compete Kindle Fire for Cheaper Price

Jan 6, 2012 by     No Comments    Posted under: Gadget, Gooogle

Image Credit: ubergizmo

Google entry in the tablet arena is going to be the most exciting event to look forward to this 2012. As rumors start to surface with the so-called features of Google tablet which according to Digitimes upstream source, Google will not compete directly with Apple iPad instead will produce a 7-inch tablet PC in order to compete closely withKindle Fire of the Amazon.

That Google will launch the new tablet around March-April of this year, taking Android Ice Cream Sandwich to run the tablet. What’s more intriguing is that, the price of the tablet is said to be cheaper than $199.

Definitely, the price issue will raise an eyebrow from experts in terms of quality of the tablet PC. In fact, report from the Washington Post last November 2011 stated that, Amazon is losing $3 for every Kindle Fire unit sold while its capability is in questioned. But in this case, it’s a strategy that Amazon executed to gain profit with the sale from its vast media products online through the tablet.

Now the question is, if Google would like to take the same path Amazon has initiated? This one is another wobbly speculation that people may not take seriously not until a real launch will take place by main source.

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