Do You Want To Know The Keyword of Your Favorite Site That Excel Much ?

Compete - Hi Jack Other Site Keyword If there are 5 free query that you would like to know for your site or for other site which you like most , What would it be ? Will it be the best keywords of the other site that gives him / her on top always of the Google SERP. or will it be the most referred site for a certain keywords such as SEO Tips and Blogging Tips, Why am I asking this ? I just stumble a site called It is a tool that tells you some important information of other site. Yup you heard me right it is other site information.

Why would I need this ?

In order to have an idea how your favorite site succeed you should be able to know how he succeed. And if you want to gain control for some keywords in the net you have to see who is governing in that field. In that case you can mimic or study their strategy and also become successful like them.

I know this might be offensive to others but I think Internet is an open source of information, Everybody can gather it. But don’t try to search information from this site because I will give it to you for free now as follows :

Compete shows that my site has been effective in the following keywords :

firefox smartphone bookmark

youtubex videos

barrera vs pacquiao first fight

how to claim on bloglines

payperplay ( I don’t know how it become included in their list 🙂 )

increase google serp

excel hot keys

Upon trying the above mentioned keywords above I was surprised that I am governing Google SERP in those keywords. Except for ” payperplay ” . I think it should be removed in their list and I don’t know how they get it. I am nowhere to be found in the SERP.

Most of the mention keywords above is my old optimized keyword so perhaps their database source was a bit old.

BTW you have 5 credits free upon enrolling in their system so I have spend 1 for my own site the next information that I check is whose site dominating the keyword for Blogging tips and SEO Tips and the following results shows. That it 2 credits. ( I have removed the links so that crawler will not think that I have a link farm here. )

Keyword : ” SEO Tips

Keyword : ” Blogging Tips ( 1 one page site .. I don’t know how it was included here )

And the next 2 credit has been used for other site information just leave it to me on whose site I checked :). Their system might not be 100% accurate but it gives good information. This is not a paid post. I just think it is good to share you this information. and I hope you like it.

Finding this information might help you also how to implement a successful Affiliate Marketing.

Dexter Panganiban

Dexter is a person who loves technology,new gadget, SEO, Social Media and Christianity. Follow him at twitter via @techathand and add him @ Google+ and contact us at [email protected]

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    For keyword research you may try
    it allows you to input a site URL and it will then show you the keywords that site has that will rank it among the top 20 in Google. It returns quite a few good answers and allows you to see the Wordtracker and Overture results as well.
    One of the neat features of this site is that you can sort by the position, wordtracker
    ranking, overture ranking and also the most recent keyword request.

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