SEO Tip : Know Where Google is Leading You

How is your Olympics Keywords Traffic ? It is a current Events that has a lot of Earning Opportunity, check my post regarding Make Money thru Current events

Olympics really gave good traffic in this blog, specially for some good keywords that i was able to optimized due time. At first I am a bit hesitant if I am going to make post about olympics, and It is good that I was able to relate some keywords into my niche. Then I realized that I was not wrong to do SEO Optimization on some Keywords because they give good CPC [ Cost Per Click ]  earnings in AdSense.

Now I would like to share you tips where I think there are only few noticed. Have you seen the Google Image at their homepage ?

If you are going to go in their Philippine Home Page you can see that those image are directed to a certain keywords and this is Palarong Olimpiko 2008 sa Beijing [ it was change yesterday with a high dense keyword ] , That link usually last for 1 day but during Olympics season, the links lasted for about 10 days or even more.. I am not so sure. It is good that I was able to keyword optimize one of my post to have that keyword, And those keywords bring in about 200 – 250 visit a day. but if you could hit 1 i think it can rise to even 500 – 7000 Uniques.

Olympics Keywords

Well to tell you the truth there is a silent SEO fight in between me and Ka Edong with his “ Palarong Olimpiko 2008 sa Beijing | Technobiography “ it was a nice silent SEO fight, since whenever I will go to top 1 , after just an hour or day I will again see his post in the top. I have seen also how his post evolve 🙂 ( changes , optimization tactics, Blog monetization and others )  , and I learn from that post. Thanks ka Edong, Well you teach me something by analyzing on what are the changes you made in your post 🙂 , You may see that I also apply it in my other post …

The links with the image actually show like this :

It is great that the keyword competition is very small, that is why upon indexing by Google, The post is immediately in the top of Google SERP [ Search engine Ranking Page ] . I tried to do other Google Data Center but most of them uses their own language and unfortunately my blog is only configured to English.

It is really great to see on how other is doing to top the Search Engine and You will see lots of techniques where it is not yet shown or written in the public. Perhaps it is written on those paid forums, but I don’t still have the resources to invest in that. For the mean time Experimentation is my key to SEO.

Here are the other Olympics post that I made 🙂

Hope you like it 🙂 If you see your post meets mine in the SERP let’s exchange links 🙂

Dexter Panganiban

Dexter is a person who loves technology,new gadget, SEO, Social Media and Christianity. Follow him at twitter via @techathand and add him @ Google+ and contact us at [email protected]

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  1. 2
    Lessons from my Beijing Olympics SEO experiment | Technobiography

    […] and Dexter of had the same thing in mind when we each wrote an article entitled “Palarong Olimpiko 2008 sa […]

  2. 3

    I believe that Pinoy bloggers should help each other when it comes to SEO. A healthy competition is always welcome but in the end, we should all teach each other so we can all earn. No to greed and crab mentality. 😀

    • 4
      Dexter Panganiban

      Yup.. that is why.. I teach this technique.. I know that there will be lots of event.. and this trick might apply..

      I know that by posting this one.. lots of Pinoy Blogger subscribed to this blog will now be alerted in the Google Image 🙂

      More tips to come. I don’t mind sharing those tips since I know the more you share the more constant visitor will be at your blog.

      It is the same way on how you are doing in your blog sharing to be rich

      Happy Blogging Fitz

  3. 5
    ka edong

    hehehe … silent war, is it? 🙂 all friendly. We learn from each other.

    Actually, you beat me to the draw. Nung nakita ko yung googlehomepage on friday evening 9pm, your page was the *only* one with the exact phrase. When I checked back at 11pm, dalawa na tayo duon 🙂 .

    hehehehe. ang bilis din, ‘no?

    keep on blogging, dexter!

    ka edong

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