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WD has the largest capacity 3TB SATA hard drives

Oct 21, 2010 by     8 Comments    Posted under: Tech Stuff, Western Digital

  A WD PR sent me this information that WD ( Western Digital ) now ships the largest capacity if SATA hard drive with a 3TB capacity in just 1 hard drive, it’s product highlights as follows :

WD has the largest capacity SATA hard drives : 3TB-Delivers up to a massive 3 terabytes of storage capacity on a single drive

-Bundled with Advanced Host Controller Interface (AHCI)-compliant Host Bus Adapter (HBA) to enable the operating systems use a known driver with correct support for large capacity drives.

-Uses WD GreenPower Technology

WD Caviar® Green™ 3 TB Hard Drives Support the Continuing Demand for Increased Capacity in External Storage and Advanced PC Applications. The new hard drives deliver up to a massive 3 terabytes (TB) of storage capacity on a single drive. WD is leading the industry in capacity for SATA hard drives by utilizing 750 GB-per-platter areal density and Advanced Format (AF) technology.WD Caviar Green drives are an eco-friendly storage solution with WD GreenPower Technology™, which reduces power consumption by enabling lower operating temperatures for increased reliability and decreases acoustical noise for quiet operation. The WD Caviar Green 2.5 TB and 3 TB hard drives are designed for use as secondary external storage and next-generation PC storage in 64 bit-based systems.

WD Caviar Green 2.5 TB hard drives (model number WD25EZRSDTL) and 3 TB hard drives (model number WD30EZRSDTL) are available now in the Philippines at select resellers and distributors. MSRP for the WD Caviar Green 2.5 TB hard drive is Peso 9,795.00 and the 3 TB hard drive is Peso 12,595.00. WD Caviar Green hard drives are covered by a three-year limited warranty. More information about WD Caviar Green hard drives may be found on the company’s website at

I believe that this kind of technology is really great , I have not even tested the 2TB and yet there is a 3TB in a market already. So thanks to WD continues giving us improvements in their technology.

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  • wow kilangan ko yan, wala na ako space, puno na lahat pati 3 external hdd ko. hehe

  • Well that’s a huge hard drive, wish I had one of those myself. Thanks for keeping us updated. 😀

    Best Regards,

    • @Vlad,

      It is also good the WD PR is keep on updating me about their latest update 🙂

  • ang lupit nito… nahirapan na nga akong punuin ung 1Tb(WD) ko, paano pa kaya ung 3Tb… heheheh

    • @metalpig,

      Sandali lang sa torrent yan ha ha ha 🙂

      • @sir Dex,
        mabagal ang connection sa bahay, sa ofs pwedeng patago… lol!

      • @metalpig,

        ha ha ha.. kailangang gumamit ng proxy 🙂

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